Bitcoin faucets are your best option if you want to earn money fast. Effective faucets can complement your strategic plan, allowing you to fill up your wallet within a shorter period. There are various options to select from and your choice should depend on your earning targets. Here are some of the best bitcoin faucets and their features.

Best Bitcoin Faucets


This option is highly recommended because of its high and instant payouts and referral commissions of up to 25% for its users. Long term Bitcoinker users also get to enjoy seniority bonuses. It can be used with other faucets to allow you to maximize your earnings.

Moon Bitcoin

This is a highly popular bitcoin faucet. Moon bitcoin allows you to determine how often you get paid. It can also help you earn double the amount you get with other faucets. The payouts are instant and users get 50% referral commission.

BTC Faucet

This faucet allows users to claim 100 Satoshi every hour and there is no minimum payout. BTC has 10% referral commissions and its payments are automatic.


This free option allows users to visit the site several times a day to increase earnings. Dogsfaucet can help you earn up to 5000 Satoshi in just 120 minutes. It also has a 20% referral bonus. This faucet has a 90 minute timer and you can claim up to 30000 Satoshi.


Users can get about 315 Satoshi every hour with this faucet. Bagbitcoin has a 10 minute timer and you can claim up to 20000 Satoshi. You can also get up to 8% referral commissions. This faucet prohibits bots use and you cannot set up multiple accounts on the site. Anonymous proxies are also barred and you can lose an account if you use a single IP address to claim referrals.

Bonus Bitcoin

This site offers you a collection of faucets. Bonus bitcoin offers high payouts and unlike other sites, you can move on to another faucet at your convenience. You can earn up to 40,000 Satoshis every hour with this option. Its referral commissions are 50%.


It offers high payouts and a variety of bonuses. Milli also allows users to earn referral commissions. Users can take advantage of its active support section to engage with other members. This faucet also provides direct support. Users get answers and assistance in 24 hours.


It offers a reward of 650 Satoshi per hour and has a 20 minute timer. ClaimBTC also has an instant 20,000 Satoshi payout. This option gives you on demand payouts and you have a chance to earn bonuses every time you make a bitcoin claim. The bonuses are a great advantage and can enhance your faucet or speed it up in different ways.


This faucet offers about 1000 Satoshi per hour. Aquabitcoin has a 60 minute times and gives users a 2000 Satoshi payout. Its payouts are instant as soon as you attain a 500 Satoshi threshold. Users also get 25% referral commissions.

Explore these options to identify the right faucet for your strategic plan. Some of the best bitcoin faucets allow instant payouts and have no minimum limit. This allows you to use claim earnings at any time. But you also need to consider the amount of Satoshi they offer per hour before you make a choice.